The Meaning of Favour

A Favour, called Bomboniera in Italian ,literally a box for candies, is a small object that is given to the guests of a special event as a sign of appreciation and as a sweet memory of the event.

Couples getting married give Favours to their guests or new parents give them to their relatives. Usually Favours contain sweet candies called confetti that can be of any colors and flavors, the most common being Jordan Almonds.

Why give a Favour?

It is a great way to say Thank You to your guests celebrating your event. It can be your Wedding, a newborn Baby, a Graduation.
A Favour is also a way for your guests to remember your event and the time spent with you.

What makes the difference in a Favour?

The quality of the product of course, but most importantly the elegance of the design.
Each favour is individually customized with a unique choice of colors and fabric depending on the occasion to celebrate.
An elegant and unique Favour is a combination of specially selected materials, finely handcrafted decorations, colors that match your event theme, and something that uniquely fits your personality.
The perfect Favour is beautiful, elegant and exclusive.

Why Elitefavours ?

We choose and combine material and crafts handmade in Italy, like the famous ceramics from Capodimonte, the finest Italian fabrics and silks, the word's finest jordan almond candies and all our love and attentions to details to create unforgettable gifts.
Remember that you can tell a perfect event from its details.
Your guests will be grateful and will never forget!

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